We just finished the shooting of the short-film MUK, a film I wrote the screenplay for and acted in. We filmed parts of it in a big greenscreen studio in Grimstad (called Studio 1 @ Equippe), where Johanna Raita (who was also acting coach and costume designer), Eli Anne Sønsterød and Villvin Guldbrandsrød did some absolutely amazing scenography. The film is about the unfortunate actress, Alma (played by myself) who receives a big gig as a toiletbowl-cleanstress- on the set for a big budget science fiction film called Stars of the Universe, directed by one of Norways biggest (fictitious) directors Andy Jacoby Gimle. It is a Comedy. or perhaps a Nightmare. Wait and see.

Above. Myself as the character Alma.

MUK is directed by the talented Jon M Puntervold and Hans Kåre Sjøstrøm. The list of actors is long for a short-film. And it will contain alot of chickens. MUK means Pink Slime in English. That may explain some tings. Wait and see.

Actress Tuva Hennum during the shooting of MUK.

Director Jon M. Puntervold,

Director Jon M Puntervold, B photo Morten Krogstad and 1st AD Iain Forbes. And the very cool gearhead that was used.

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